Our Background

The Hawaii Steel Alliance (HSA) is a trade organization established in May 1997 to encourage and promote the widespread, practical and economic use of steel and other metal products for residential and commercial construction in the Pacific Rim. Seeing steel as an enduring building medium for the world, the HSA strives to be the pre-eminent Pacific Region resource for manufacturers, developers, contractors, engineers, architects, building officials, suppliers, and the homebuyer.


The HSA started with the gathering of several key players in the early months of 1997. They launched the Hawaii Steel Alliance on May 7, 1997 at a reception hosted by First Lady Vicky Cayetano at the Governor's Mansion (Washington Place) in Honolulu, Hawaii. Approximately 250 people came to that event and were treated to a few words by the late John Ewing, president of USS/POSCO Industries, and David Post, representing the American Iron and Steel Institute. John Ewing is credited with starting the residential steel framing movement in the late 1980's.

Promotion & Public Awareness

Today, the HSA continues its public awareness programs to promote the positive attributes of CFS in Hawaii. The HSA's mission is to defend and continue to grow market share across the Pacific. The HSA works in partnership with national organizations Steel Framing Alliance, Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute, Steel Recycling Institute and others since 1999. The HSA frequently holds international PACRIM conferences and workshops to disseminate best practices on building with steel and metal products. The HSA has also developed and made available standard home plan packages for Hawaii homes that are framed with steel.

Honorary & Lifetime Members

The HSA bestows honorary and lifetime memberships to those who have shown exemplary service to the Alliance, cold formed steel framing or metal roofing over the years either by serving on committees, the board, as an officer, or in the community. To date we have recognized several of our members with this distinction. They are:

  • Mike Fernandez (Lifetime)
  • Sam Galante (Lifetime)
  • Bob Spangler (Lifetime)
  • Bobbie Kane (Lifetime)
  • Tim Waite (Honorary)
  • Doug Pearson (Lifetime)
  • Ken Vought (Lifetime)
  • Colleen Mizuno (Lifetime)
  • Bruce Place (Lifetime)

Our Lifetime and Honorary Members continue to be active in our Alliance, and are always welcome to attend board meetings, and all our functions to share their expertise and knowledge about steel framing and metal roofing.

Past Presidents

The following individuals have served and helped shape the Hawaii Steel Alliance since inception:

1997-1999 Wayne Lincoln Lincoln & Associates
1999-2000 Michael Fernandez (*) Studco of Hawaii /Dietrich Metal Framing
2000-2001 Robert Lazo Robert Lazo AIA
2001-2002 Art Linn (+) Simpson Strong-Tie
2002-2003 Doug Pearson (*) Castle & Cooke Homes Hawaii
2003-2004 Ralph Valentino Hunt Building Co., Ltd.
2004-2005 Sam Galante (*) Steel Truss & Panel, LLC
2005-2006   Craig Baldwin CEMCO
2006-2007   Adam Sutton Haseko Construction
2007-2008 Akira Usami Dietrich Metal Framing
2008-2009 Bobbie Kane (*) Architectural Woods Inc./Kane International
2009-2010   Scott Underwood Brookfield Homes Hawaii
2010-2011 Timothy Waite (**) Simpson Strong-Tie Co., Inc.
2011-2013 Keith Oda Lend Lease LLC
2013-2015 Colleen Mizuno Unlimited Construction
2015-2017 Bruce Place Commercial Building Systems
2017-2019 Deborah Kim-Ito

J&B Materials


2019-2021 Alan Labbe

DR Horton- Hawaii

2021-Present Patrick Gill

Gill Development

                                           + deceased      * lifetime member    **honorary member