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Every day, your business gets more complex. With more and more subcontractors to manage on each job site, constant changes in the building codes, consumer demands for more design flexibility, rising insurance rates, and diminishing lumber quality and supply, among others, builders face challenges at every turn.

During a time of continued industry consolidation, where market share held by the top ten builders has doubled in the past five years to about 50%, the need to meet such challenges becomes even more imminent. Consequently, the time for the industry to learn efficient new ways to build quality homes is now.

What technology will make the cut?

While significant issues face homebuilders in today’s marketplace, burgeoning new technologies are now available that can help mitigate these risky trends affecting the growth and stability of the homebuilding industry. But very few will make the cut. One is emerging quickly as a cost-efficient and environmentally sound solution for building homes: steel framing.

Cold-formed steel framing for walls, floors, roofs, and other applications is being adopted in several growth markets of new residential construction. But steel framing is more than a solution for high quality, cost-effective homebuilding. It’s the gateway to streamlining your business, providing for greater design flexibility, reducing insurance premiums, and improving the quality of construction, among other things.

Are you ready for the home coming of steel?

Welcome to the biggest thing in construction technology today – steel framing. We are the Hawaii Steel Alliance, a key industry body that’s spearheading adoption of this new technology across the globe. Membership in the Alliance is your ‘VIP Card’ to this technology. But more importantly, it’s your chance to adapt what you learn from other members, whether it’s a new customer, supplier or participant in the construction community. The secret power of the Alliance is in its people – from builders to manufacturers and everyone in between.

Members make the Alliance work. Joining the Alliance could mean the difference between your business thriving in turbulent times, or stagnation.

Members in the Alliance can learn to:

  • Streamline the construction process, consolidating tasks and reducing the number of subcontractors who must affect the job site directly. Steel frame panelization and fabrication systems are adding quality control while cutting the number of subs in half in some cases.
  • Work with trained code officials who are already aware of the steel provisions and can help with local plan checkers and inspectors. Steel requirements are based on Prescriptive Methods (ANSI standards produced by the Committee on Framing Standards, a group funded by the Hawaii Steel Alliance).
  • Increase design features of the home and be flexible with demanding consumers. With steel you can go longer spans, enlarging room size and ceiling heights.
  • Reduce insurance premiums through discounts for building with or owning a home built with steel, an inorganic material that’s not susceptible to termites, mold or other wood-eating organism

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Membership in the Hawaii Steel Alliance allows you to:

  • Participate on member teams and help steer the Alliance’s national activities
  • Join local Alliances, where everything “national” is put to the test in the local marketplace
  • Network with other builders and suppliers, who can provide useful solutions that you can adapt to meet the needs of your business, on a national and local basis
  • Test new tools, estimating software, and fastening systems that will help reduce your cycle time and increase your profit margins – before they hit the market
  • Train your crews on steel using national standards and accepted practices
  • Obtain assistance with your local code officials
  • Differentiate your business with Alliance steel branding concepts – from ad slicks to printed collateral

How does the Alliance work?

It works through and on behalf of its members. As the Pathway to the Future of Construction Technology, the Alliance is only as good as its members and the information it circulates every day. Member interaction and technology transfer occurs quickly through the internet, today’s tool for connecting people and knowledge. With a web centric focus, the Alliance reduces the need for administrative overhead, and increases the use of technical field representatives in active construction markets everywhere.

Get the recognition you deserve, while you improve the future viability of your homebuilding business. Learn about how to incorporate the technology of steel framing into your construction process, streamlining subs, increasing design flexibility, reducing insurance outlays, even differentiating your business in a time of high merger and acquisition activity. Join the Hawaii Steel Alliance.