CFSEI Technical Council

The Hawaii Chapter CFSEI (formerly LGSEA) now resides as a Technical Council under the Hawaii Steel Alliance. 

The Hawaii Chapter CFSEI was formed in 1996 with a group of 12 existing CFSEI members located in the state of Hawaii. The goal of this chapter was to disseminate the latest cold formed steel design information to all structural engineers in the state. This was very important in the late 90's as about 25% of all new construction was being framed with cold formed steel. By 2006, the Hawaii Chapter CFSEI had grown to 50 architects and engineers engaged in the design of CFS structures, and over 70% of new residential construction is now framed in steel.  The Hawaii Chapter was also involved with conducting continuing research at the University of Hawaii Engineering Department, where corrosion of fastener studies and top track header research has taken place. The Hawaii Chapter CFSEI also worked closely with the Hawaii Pacific Steel Framing Alliance to put together the Pacific Rim Steel Framing Conference, Scholarship Golf Tournaments, and Code Official Training on the new ANSI steel standards.

Cold-Formed Steel Engineers Institute Hawaii Chapter has now found a home under the HSA as the CFSEI Technical Council. The Council is a must-have technical and professional resource for designers of cold-formed steel (CFS) structures and is made up of structural engineers and other design professionals who are finding a better way to produce safe and efficient designs for commercial and residential structures with cold-formed steel. The council focuses on developing and disseminating design aids and other technical publications and tools as well conducting seminars intended to distill the output of the COFS and other standards and specifications developing entities (to the extent their output pertains to CFS) into easily-understood and employed tools for CFS design engineers.

Today, the CFSEI Technical Council continues to remain active, by coordinating engineering programs for the HSA and CFSEI membership. Most recently, they hosted a Design of Mid-Rise CFS Construction Conference at the Honolulu Country Club, and also a Blast Resistant Design Seminar for CFS featuring Dr. Nabil Ramin. 
The current Council Chair for this group is Akira Usami. If you are interested in being a part of this Council please send a message to [email protected]