About Us

The Hawaii Steel Alliance (HSA) is a 501(c) (6) nonprofit organization established in May 1997 to encourage and promote the widespread, practical and economic use of cold-formed steel framing and metal roofing for residential and commercial construction in the Pacific Rim.  Seeing metal products as an enduring, sustainable building medium for construction, the HSA strives to be the pre-eminent worldwide steel framing and metal products resource for developers, contractors, engineers, architects, building officials, suppliers, and the homebuyer. The HSA has regular membership meetings and provides educational opportunities and training for its members. 

Our Logo

The petroglyph symbolizes the steel framer in the field, his importance to the industry, and the heritage and cultures of the people from the Pacific. He holds up a steel stud, a durable product that has quickly become the preferred building material. The rainbow represents the Pacific Rim and all the respective ohanas (families), spanning from East to West from the Americas to Asia. It also represents the various climates around the Pacific, blessed by the sun, and nourished by the rain. The house under the framer's feet symbolizes the residential market that steel framing is penetrating. The predominant color is forest green, representing the green building qualities steel framing has to offer. (Logo designed by Gail Lincoln of Lincoln & Associates).